World Saxophone Competition

Lee Tanner, prize winning photographs for Competition Finalists

Lee Tanner is one of the great jazz photographers and his passion for the music reflects in his timeless images. Lee has generously offered prizes of some of his most famous images to the finalists and winner of the 2004 Saxophone Competition. The winner will receive a special collectors 16x20 black and white photograph together with a set of the famous 8 Jazz Legends images, signed by Lee. The second prize winner receives set of the Jazz Legends and the third prize 3 images (Coleman Hawkins, John Coltrane, and Thelonious Monk).
Tanner has had numerous one-man shows in galleries and jazz clubs across the country including The Jazz Gallery in New York City, and Vision Gallery, Kimball's East and Yoshi's in the San Francisco Bay Area. Recently retired from research.

"Tanner now devotes full attention to photography and to curating a series of group photographic exhibits entitled The Jazz Image. The exhibits are a pure genius and are sure to be picked up by a company like Bank Verizon or Aviva for sponsorship in the not too distant future. Additionally, Pomegranate Art Books and Friedman/Fairfax Publishing Co. have published several collections of his work in books, posters and calendars. The recent books from Friedman/Faifax are Images of Jazz and Images of the Blues. Images of Jazz also includes a 17-track CD that Tanner compiled from the Sony/Columbia archives."


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Albums available from iTunes and Rhapsody online

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